Meet Melody

Nomad, artisan, storyteller

I'm a modern-day apothecary
selling love potions.

Using nature as an aphrodisiac, I cast a magic spell that empowers busy couples to cut through life's distractions and fall in love all over again.

My unconventional love story created my heart for celebrating couples’ struggles and triumphs and led me to invest in the relationships of friends and client’s alike.

My love of clothes and willingness to play around with my style led to me amass a client wardrobe and find joy in styling other people.

My love of geography made me a traveler and traveling helped me fall in love with nature and national parks.

My passion for movies and theater helped craft my cinematic style with a heavy dose of windswept drama.

What you can expect with me

~For me, photography is an investment in relationships and I approach the couples who choose me as friends I just haven't met yet. The more time we spend together, the closer we become.

~My editing style is vibrant and dramatic with deep, rich tones and true to life colors. The portraits I create are timeless and don't follow overexposure or desaturation fads.

~Whether you’re planning to surprise your lover with an anniversary session or commit your lives to each other on cliffs overlooking the ocean, I am with you through every step of the planning process.

~Nature and landscapes are always prominent features in my photography because I believe that the beauty and chaos of nature, with its twisting paths, coarse landscapes and breath-taking wonder are poignant analogies of relationships. I pride myself on sculpting your images with a mixture of raw intimacy and powerful backdrops.

~While nature is celebrated in the stories I tell – the focal point is always the quiet moments in between that make up a lifetime together. You can expect lots of images built around those glances and gestures that make up your unique language of admiration and love.

I've lived on the road in an RV full-time for the past 6 years, exploring the national parks, mountains and coastline. I’ve been to all 50 states and 
I know tons of beautiful spots I can recommend for your couples session or elopement.

I photograph couples in nature

to encourage exploration of the world which leads to a deeper understanding of life and self.

I photograph couples

to honor the remote chance that two people make decisions throughout their lives that ultimately cause their paths to cross and love to grow. I challenge couples to continually invest in their relationships, away from the clamoring distractions of life. I create legacies of these love stories to offer couples a tangible place they can always return to that whispers how they lived their lives side by side and loved each other well.

I photograph

to remind others to look while they have eyes and love while they have hearts to give, to stave off the blinding terror of forgetfulness and to thwart the thief of time.

Ready to turn your love story into a legacy? 

Why choose Melody?

Your Time Together is Precious.

Choosing me as your photographer will ensure your time together is also:

  • Intimate
  • Meaningful
  • Intentional
  • Stress-free
  • Playful
  • Sensual

Your Experience matters

-Despite the camera in my hands for 20 years, I am, first and foremost, an experience provider. You will come away from our time together feeling like a million bucks. The photographs I produce are secondary to your experience.

-I’ll help you overcome any shyness you may feel while being photographed with my terrible puns and warm energy.

-I will give you the confidence and vision to do something different. Whether that is committing your lives to each other in a wildly different way or spending much-needed time together during the ultimate date night, I want to see you thriving in love.

-I love being involved in the whole process and will help you plan everything from location selection to your wardrobe to all the details.

-You will receive full size images so you can print large photos yourself and all of the images will be retouched so you will look like the best version of yourself

Create a legacy

Do you value the photos you have of your grandparents together? I want to help immortalize your legacy of love so you can look back in 30 years and remember this day. I want you to have images worthy of appearing on your walls tomorrow and walls of your future generations forever.

A crash course on Melody:

Stylish Intellectual, Hopeless dork

  1. I was very late to finally begin reading. My 1st grade teacher was concerned I just wasn’t catching on. So, of course, I have an English and literature degree.
  2. I was born with a travel obsession into a family who didn’t even have passports. At 24, I defied the odds and took off on my first big trip to France & Spain.
  3. When I met Russ, I thought RVs were synonymous with trailer parks and instantly felt sorry for this hobo redneck I’d just crossed paths with. I never dreamed we would end up together living the nomad life.
  4. Weather and music are the two things that can fluidly change my mood. There’s nothing like a stormy day to make me feel alive.
  5. The most death-defying experience of my life was an accident with my two dogs when my car flew into the air after hitting a deer and landed upside down in a Wisconsin ditch. Hazen & Otis and I all walked away without a scratch.
  6. I spent eight years deeply entrenched in the world of theater and was convinced I wanted to be a professional actress.
  7. I smashed my two front teeth out while I was showing off at a roller-skating rink on my 9th birthday. Yep, mine are fake.
  8. I am a world-class gift-giver and get a kick out of surprising people.
  9. My love language is Quality Time and I’m more than a little obsessed with NYE since it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past and relish how ignorant we are about the future.

My friends describe me as...

(while Russell describes me as a hopeless dork)

Dogs. Travel. Camera. Repeat.