"We've never had photos of just us."

"I want a gift that will leave her speechless."

"We never have time to just be alone together."

"We haven't taken photos together since our wedding 10 years ago."

"We just don't connect like we used to."

"We want to do something wildly different for date night."

"We've been through hell, but she's my rock."

If any of these statements resonate with you,
a Wanderlove Couple’s Photography Session 
is the answer.

Wanderlove Sessions are a chance to
show up for your person and say to them,

“You matter to me.
I value our life together.
I see you and I want to be seen by you.”

In the face of this kind of openness and vulnerability, the rest of the world automatically fades away. You have a love story unlike anyone else’s. No one outside of your relationship can understand everything you have been through and faced together. Your love deserves to be tended to, exalted and documented so that your children and grandchildren will know that they came from a legacy of love.

How will your love story be remembered?

Part fairy tale, part quiet,
gritty love story

Wanderlove Sessions:

1. Feature the intimacy and vulnerability of your
love story set against the wilds of nature.  

2. Celebrate the season of love you are in
along with the quiet, imperfect moments in between.

3. Capture the struggle, determination and glory
that inspire two people to live their lives as one.

Your love is worthy
of a legacy

Why a Wanderlove Session?

Everything changes so quickly and nothing is promised.

If we all lived with that as our understanding, we would experience so much more meaning and not give away the majority of our time to fleeting distractions. My purpose is to remind others to look while they have eyes and love while they have hearts to give.

Reconnect During the Ultimate Couple's Experience

  • Realize all the decisions throughout your lives that allowed your paths to cross and love to grow.

  • Challenge yourself to remember all the choices and chance that led you to build a life together.

  • Write a chapter of your romance in the wilds of nature.

  • Look at each other with new eyes and value who you are in this season of life.

  • The photographs create a tangible place you can always return to that whispers how you loved each other well 

Are you ready to spark a revival?

How it works

Love Story Photography Guide

Dream & Brainstorm


We hop on the phone together, talk through your love story and let our imaginations run wild planning the most perfect spot for your couples session.

Remember & Write


You'll receive prompts & questionnaires to remind you of all you’ve been through together and guide you in writing secret love letters to each other. These come directly to me so I can sprinkle excerpts throughout your Love Letter album alongside your photographs!

Choose Your Style


I host you in the Melodic View travel trailer for a personal styling session where you can try on any of the gorgeous clothes in the Wanderlove Wardrobe that catch your fancy while we sip champagne and get cozy.

Bask in the Glow of Your Love


Enjoy the most amazing, intimate time together – completely free of distractions. Spend time loving on each other and reconnecting in a beautiful place.

Fall In Love All Over Again


Receive your Love Letter album, read the heartfelt words you’ve written to each other and relive all the glory for years to come.

Love Story Photography for All

My own love story is more a tale of survival than of first dates and flowers.

Sometimes I think I have one of the most complicated love stories out there. I would have loved to experience a romance free of pain and heartache… but I know our life is so much more meaningful because of the tests and hardships we faced. We definitely took the scenic route to love.

I created Wanderlove Sessions in part from the tattered glory of my own love story, but also in response to my frustration with the wedding industry which is built to celebrate and dwell on a single day in a couple’s long story – a story that is rarely straightforward or saccharine.

Your love story– married or not, struggling or sound – deserves to be revered, honored and documented.

I am not married and I may never be married, but that does NOT mean I love any less. Photography of your love story should not be reserved for a single day where a ceremony is performed. Saying the words “I do” is not the pinnacle.

Choosing each other every day is the victory.

I want to help you celebrate the mountains and valleys you’ve walked through together and honor how far you’ve come.


What’s it like to experience
a Wanderlove Session?

Hear it straight from my couples

Experience the magic together

I truly believe in the power of Wanderlove sessions to pour into your relationship and bring you back to the reasons you decided to walk through this life together.

Make a stand for each other

Recognize how rare it was for your paths to even cross in the first place and honor the commitment required to nurture a loving relationship. Show your lover what they mean to you and how much you value your life together.

Contact me to get started


To inspire couples to remember all the choices and chance that led them to build a life together; to encourage couples to look at each other with new eyes and value who they are in this season of life; to fan the spark each couple has for one another; to empower couples to invest in each other and tend to their love as a priority; to create photographs that will allow future generations to look back and know they came from a legacy of love.


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