2018 Review: The Year in Numbers

I’m a visual girl myself (obviously) but, for accounting purposes, sometimes you can’t beat the black and white of breaking things down by the numbers. So, for all of you analytical types (my engineering friends, I’m looking at you!) here’s a peek at what 2018 looked like all tallied up and totaled.


Total RV Miles Driven


States visited (includes driving through)


Number of RV Parks we visited/lived in

Sahara Desert, sand dunes, Morocco, sunrise, adventure photography and elopements

21, 4

Days spent abroad, Countries Visited

spring elopement, hurricane ridge, olympic national park, adventure photographer, adventure photography, elopements, elopement photography, elopement photographer


Number of states Melodic View Photography worked in (California, Nevada, New York, Texas, Virginia, Washington).


Nights Russell spent in hotels in other states for work


Miles flown by Melody (19,324 domestic, 8,695 international) /Miles flown by Russell (68,750 domestic, 6,852 international)


Feet in either direction that would have caused the car accident to go very differently


Sprained ankle: July 14th in Elkhart, Indiana.


Rainbows spotted in one week during our trip to Scotland!


Interesting animal encounters: Had a bird eat out of my hand, was stung by a wasp, saw a family of bears in the wild, met a Scottish highland cow, punched in the face by a dog.


Dollars spent on RV parks and campgrounds

arizona adventures, grand canyon state, desert, arizona, traveling photographer, cactus


Dollars spent on RV repairs

Elopement Adventure, Isle of Skye, couple, Scotland, landscape, adventure photography and elopements


Melodic View business miles driven (does not include any RV miles)

Being a full-time traveling couples adventure photographer is tons of fun but also tons of logistics! I’d love to chat about RV life on the road, our travel experiences and any of the nitty gritty details. Feel free to reach out!

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